Free sex chat sites in iphone - Textbox not updating

Text = "Original Text" On a button press event, I go user. Text; and it works giving me "Original Text" However, if between loading the page and saving the page, I change txt First Name.Text to "New Text", I still get "Original Text" on the save event.Well, the app works great (every recording file works perfectly etc) but textboxes don't want to refresh...

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However, if I make a change to any of the textboxes, the updated value is not captured in the text box.

I have tried setting the Auto Post Back="True" but that made no difference. When I load the page, I do the following and it works: txt First Name.

Then, in my serial data received event handler, I do this: // Get bytes from the serial stream bytes To Read = IFDSerial Port.

Bytes To Read; Msg Byte Array = new Byte[bytes To Read]; bytes Read = IFDSerial Port.

In short, text boxes are not retaining content when an edit is made.

Text property has a default Update Source Trigger value of Lost Focus.

I tried even to put texts and numbers that weren't in a variable...

The problem is that it doesn't refresh, showing only the first values...

If you want the source to get updated as you are typing, set the Update Source Trigger of the binding to Property Changed.

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